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  • Audi Volkswagen Middle East
  • Emaar Properties PJSC
  • ABB
  • Intercontinental Hotels
  • Dubai Holding
  • Canon
  • DIFC - Dubai International Financial Center
  • Tyco Thermal Controls
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Fonterra
  • Pfizer
  • TATA Bluescope Steel Limited (India)
  • Nokia
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • NBC Universal - Germany / Monaco
  • Citigroup
  • Estee Lauder Companies
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Sharp
  • Pepsi - Dubai Refreshments
Finesse in every Detail

Finesse and Simplicity

You wouldn't be reading this unless you value a finer quality of experts - you are looking for people who really fit your training, consulting, etc needs. We built GreatestExperts.com with the greatest of passion and care because we want you to be successful in your quest of hiring the best trainers, consultants, speakers, etc. your money can buy!

Any Organisation can hire a brainy Expert with GreatestExperts.com. We've made it as simple as can be. Clients in over 30 countries trust our team of 100% dedicated industry professionals (and no internet-neards) with a near century of experience who love! what we do.

This just works

This just works!

There are many ways you can close your deal with your next brainy expert:

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Experts, Really?

Experts, Really?

Yes really. At GreatestExperts.com we focus on Quality when it comes to our profile listing. Each and every Expert listed with us is scrutinised and vetted and can truly be called an Expert in his or her area of specialisation.

All vetting is done 'by hand' by our team with decades of experience. The result is a clean database of recommendable experts.

GreatestExperts.com features:

  • 216Trainers
  • 155Consultants
  • 79Professional Speakers
  • 31Coaches
  • 14Keynotes
  • 10Celebrity Speakers
  • Unlocking an Expert

    Unlock your Expert

    Locked () Profiles on GreatestExperts.com do not display the expert's full name or the company he/she is working with. You can also not write directly to him/her on his profile.

    You may purchase a key for USD 99.00 to unlock an expert's complete contact details which will be emailed to you instantly. You are then free to get in touch with him/her to discuss your requirements.

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    PREMIUM Experts

    PREMIUM Experts

    Experts can upgrade their profile to PREMIUM for an annual fee to enhance their visibility. Premium profiles feature the expert's full names, company name, etc.

    Perhaps the feature you'll love most of all: You can contact any PREMIUM Expert direcly on his profile! You are also free to work with any PREMIUM expert anyway you mutually agree apon. We do not charge any service fees to you nor do we monitor this.

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    What about Fees?

    What about Fees?

    It's simple: If you want to go ahead with a candidate then we'll make a deal everyone is happy with. After the work is done you pay us and we pay the expert minus a service fee we've agreed on with the expert you hired. This means that we are effectively Free-of-Charge to you since we take our cut from the expert you hired.

    Ask us if you need assistance with booking flights, arranging venues, accommodation, visas, workbooks, etc. for your project. We also offer a whole range of other state-of-the-art services to make your projects a real success.

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    No Time to browse around?

    No Time to browse around?

    No problem! We are specialists in getting hold of exactly those brainy experts you had in mind. Even for the budget you've allocated.

    Drop us a line with what you are looking for and we'll see what we can do!

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    What about Fees?

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    Got a larger training or consulting project? You need a number of brainy trainers or consultants (perhaps even at multiple locations at any one time)? You need a team of capable people who can coordinate this professionally for you?

    That's us. GreatestExperts.com's creators - The Knowledge Brokers - do just that for nearly 20 years. They specialise in e.g. Training Outsourcing and the delivery of consultany projects to clients in over 25 countries.

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