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Karl B.  
A Trainer from Manchester, United Kingdom

Experienced & Energising Trainer with an Empowering Style.

Karl B. United Kingdom
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Experienced & Energising Consultant, Trainer, Conference Speaker and Communicator with an empowering style
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Karl's Training Portfolio

Education and Training * 20 Years

Karl has many years of delivering training in a variety of settings, sectors, both within the public, private and at all levels. His training sessions are intensive, challenging but rewarding.

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Corporate Culture * 22 Years

Karl is expert in:
- Transformational Change
- Predicting and Planning
- Crisis Management
- Project Management
- Corporate Governance & Compliance
- Procurement Processes
- Prevention and Detection of Corruption
- Time Management

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Communication * 24 Years

Karl for many years been a trusted adviser, trainer and presenter on
- Branding
- Buying Media
- Community Engagement
- Integrated Corporate Communication Channels
- Press and Public Relations
- Public Affairs
- Marketing
- Social Media
- Stakeholder Management
- Marketing

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A professional Trainer, here ...
Karl B.'s Profile

Experienced & Energising Trainer with an Empowering Style.

Karl has more than 15 years experience in developing and delivering projects, that change behaviours, deliver corporate objectives and transform organisations.

Graduating in Politics and Sociology from the University of Salford, Karl joined the Civil Service, before working in consultancy with prestigious clients such as HSBC, BT & BP. Returning to education, he gained a Masters from Manchester Met. University, and was elected to help run the Students Union. He then went onto work for a mix of consumer, advocacy, regulatory and healthcare bodies.

He has frequently developed and delivered "breakthrough" strategies and interventions, in the oil and gas, utilities, consumer, education, health, transport and finance sectors for clients such as Manchester Airports Group, Passenger Focus, Go-Skills and the Universities of Chester.

In addition to being a Guest Lecturer for the Business School of University of Central Lancashire, Karl has written articles on various topics.

A skilled leader and deliverer of transformational strategies, Karl is adept at working effectively with employees at all levels across organisations. Karl has many years experience and delivered courses in areas such as:

x Effective Planning Techniques
x Planning is Easy as P.I.E
x The 11 Ps that cause Problems for Planners
x Advanced Project Management Techniques
x The Power of a Positive Approach
x The Principles of Persuasion
x Soft Skills for Hard Situations
x Emotional Intelligence
x The Coaching Culture
x Leadership & Managerial Development
x Transforming Cultures
x Policy Making: From Paper to Putting it into Practice
x Developing and Delivering Strategy
x Modern Corporate Communication Channels
x Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence
x Supply Chain and Procurement Processes
x Finance for Non Finance Managers
x Private Finance Initiative (PPP), Project Management Techniques e.g. Prince, Six Sigma, Lean

Outside of work, Karl enjoys travelling, especially to see Bruce Springsteen in concert, watching Manchester City Football Club and British cyclists such as Chris Froome, working out at the Gym and is an elected Parent Governor at his son's school.
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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Training Clients
Emirates AirlinesGTCGo SkillsManchester Airports GroupNHSPassenger FocusPetronasUniversity of ChesterBTMG
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Various Articles on energy consumer rights project management corporate change
An Energetic Experienced Empowering Expert Trainer and Speaker
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United Kingdom   United Kingdom
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United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Outside of work Karl enjoys travelling especially to see Bruce Springsteen in concert watching Manchester City Football Club and British cyclists such as Chris Froome working out at the Gym and is an elected Parent Governor at his son’s school
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