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Mohammed Z.  
A Trainer from Amman, Jordan

Management Consultant & Trainer

Mohammed Z. Jordan
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I am a professional management consultant & trainer, I have expertise in strategic planning and performance management in the area of GCC. I have worked on consulting projects with large companies in the region such as Saudi Electricity Company. I have st
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Mohammed's Training Portfolio

Strategic Planning * 17 Years

Mohammed illustrated his industrial engineering degree focusing on strategic planning since he started his career, as a professional working in bottled water industry and food packaging industry, then he started his management consulting career back in 2005 working as internal consultant in Jordan Post for 3 years where he was appointed in his last year there as Director of Strategic Planing & Projects.

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Performance Management * 17 Years

Mohammed started his career working with Nestle Waters as Industrial Performance Manager where he focused on the performance management system of Nestle, and insured the effective implementation and follow up, he also worked later as a facilitator for Saudi Electricity Company in the performance Management Project.

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Coaching * 13 Years

Mohammed worked in several coaching assignments for different career levels, he focused in the last 4 years on Executive Coaching where he helped many executives as a professional coach in the field of soft skills, decision making, and job search.

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A professional Trainer, here ...
Mohammed Z.'s Profile

Management Consultant & Trainer

Mohammed is CEO with more than 10 years experience as Management Consultant, Trainer & Coach. Mohammed has success track record in conducting professional training sessions in strategic planning, performance management, and soft skills.

Mohammed has also worked on several consulting projects in Middle East & North Africa (MENA) as management consultant, trainer, coach, and facilitator with hands-on-experience in: Corporate Business Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Strategic Planning, and Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Manpower Rightsizing (MPRS), Restructuring and Transformation, Organizational Development, Public Organizations Privatization, and Operations & Services & Human Resources development & Improvement.
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US Department of State Alumni Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Institute of Management Consultants and Young Entrepreneurs Association
• Project management Engineering and Construction magazine Jan 2011 • Team Building & Management Essentials Jordan ICT magazine Jan 2010
Entrepreneur who is assertive ambitious team player teachable result oriented and business minded I have strong skills in training facilitation and presentation Also I have excellent communication coordination planning commercial and follow up skills
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