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Naveed S.  
A Consultant from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Customer Strategist/Advocate

Naveed S. United Arab Emirates
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Business Development * 24 Years

Have been a part of local and international business development for various clients and employers. Will be furnished upon request

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Business Strategy * 16 Years

Will be furnished upon request

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CRM, Customer Relations Management * 21 Years

Will be furnished upon request

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A professional Consultant, here ...
Naveed S.'s Profile

Customer Strategist/Advocate

I am a management consultant specializing in change management, organization design, people development, performance and reward systems design and culture change. In plain English, I help companies manage situations where people are an important factor.

I have specialized from the outset in people consulting, but have continued to maintain a broad range of generalist business and management skills, including taking on line manager, programme manager and account manager roles.

I am the happiest when getting inside the head of a client’s end-customer. Using analysis, research and insight, I loves working out what will make a customer stay longer, spend more or buy for the first time from one of my clients. Developing and implementing brand new customer-informed value propositions, innovative contact strategies, loyalty schemes that really do retain profitable customers cost effectively and customer experiences that bring the client’s brand values to life is what he does. He ‘gets’ the big picture, and enjoys sweating the detail as well. He has a passion for the customer that is second to none.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Call Center Auditor Benchmark Specialist ICMI
Customer Centric Focused Analytical
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