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Farah S.  
A Trainer from Bangalore, India

Creative Solutions for Performance Development

Farah S. India
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Cultural Awareness * 15 Years

Building Awareness on Cross cultural Communication, Understanding Cultural values, Using Hofstede Dimensions and Helping bridge the Gap

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Leadership * 15 Years

Leadership Development & Performance Management

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Customer Experience Management * 15 Years

Customer Focus

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A professional Trainer, here ...
Farah S.'s Profile

Creative Solutions for Performance Development

Farah comes with over 17 years of work experience. She has shaped her career from Aviation in the Middle East, the IT and services boom in India, to Learning and Development in a new liberalized economy. She has seen the world grow smaller and believes a global mindset is imperative to grow & succeed today.

She brings her rich experience of having worked with various cultures and her openness translates this with ease and confidence. She is passionate about helping leaders learn, grow and change to maximize their unrealized potential. Her focus has always been to add value to her clients and her approach is systematic and proactive.


She has consulted with organizations for conducting training need analysis, customizing programs, creating program content and training measurement to suit client specific requirements. Her training assignments have been in India as well as overseas. She is also a visiting faculty to a number of colleges and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

She has trained extensively in the areas of Cross Cultural Sensitivity, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communication & Presentation skills, Team Building, Sales Excellence, and Customer Service from Senior Management to Front Liners.

Personal style:

Farah has an energetic persuasive delivery style which enables her to connect with participants and build rapport. She illustrates skill usage through vivid real life examples, helping in the objective of application of skills on the job.

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Bangalore, India

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