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Sirine T.  
A Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Energy & Finance Trainer / Advisor

Sirine T. United Arab Emirates
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Sirine's Training Portfolio

Energy and Environment * 18 Years

- Energy Value chain
- Energy fundamentals, trends and challenges
- Energy efficiency & Sustainable development
- Energy geopolitics (e.g MENA Region, East-East relationships...)

Oil, Petroleum specific * 18 Years

- Oil & Gas upstream, midstream, refining & Petrochemicals
- MENA markets: countries, players & assets
- Oil & Gas Strategy & Opportunities
- Oil & Gas related financial aspects

Finance, Financial tools * 16 Years

- Equity and Financing parameters
- Investment considerations
- Corporate, Project and Structured Finance
- MENA market penetration & business development

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Sirine T.'s Profile

Energy & Finance Trainer / Advisor

Sirine is an expert in energy and natural resources, active in 3 main areas : strategic/financial advisor to energy investments, MENA business development and energy / finance workshops.

Graduate of the French Institute of Petroleum, the Colorado School of Mines, Sciences Po and ESCP, Sirine has more than 12 years of experience in energy advisory and financing within leading financial institutions (HSBC, ABN AMRO Bank and Société Générale).
Based initially in Europe and then in UAE, where she co-founded her independent company, Sirine has worked on several key energy project, corporate and structured financings in Russia/Central Asia and throughout the GCC.

Sirine is a Young Arab Leader, a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators and part of the Dubai Petroleum Club.
She participated in Energy workshops within the DIFC (Dubai International Finance Centre) and is a contributor to “Hydrocarbon” (“L’Hydrocarbure”), publication of the French Institute of Petroleum. She is also an external Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Banker’s Academy, U.S.A.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Young Arab Leader Association of International Petroleum Negotiators Dubai Petroleum Club
- Pedagogy - Structure - Strategic thinking
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