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Saksham K.  
A Coach from Ludhiana, India

International Youth Empowerment Speaker

Saksham K. India
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Saksham's Coaching Portfolio

Career Development * 10 Years

For over 5 years Saksham has been helping youngsters from different schools & colleges go over the top. Create paths that lead to happiness & satisfaction.

Entrepreneurial * 15 Years

Starting his first software startup at the age of 16, Saksham has come a long way in entrepreneurship. His tips on how to turn your ideas or passion into a living is enchanting

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Empowerment * 9 Years

Saksham is founder of north India's pioneer social enterprise organisation which is creating a silent revolution in this socially challenged society. Drug addiction & female foeticide is a big problem in Punjab. Saksham works with youth & other actors to settle both the issues in most innovative manner. Saksham has a personal mission to help millions of youth come out of destructive addictions of life.

A professional Coach, here ...
Saksham K.'s Profile

International Youth Empowerment Speaker

Saksham is internationally trained speaker, writer & catalyst in Youth empowerment. He is founder of a foundation which is north India's pioneer social enterprise in youth empowerment.

He holds workshops throughout India on areas concerning today's youth. As a social entrepreneur he has been speaking on many national & international platforms in presence of international dignitaries.

He is founder of curator of Punjab's first TEDx event. He is VP of a local Toastmasters. His mission is to spearhead the cause of better policies for youth worldwide & encouraging the spirit of positive values in youth."

How Saksham can help YOU?

Saksham research & training covers psychology of following areas:

Learning psychology, Leadership psychology, Mind mastery psychology.

These areas covers following aspects of your life

-Lack of Goal setting/direction in life


-Lack of Creative learning/lacking out of the box thinking/smart thinking

-Lack of Self esteem/Self-worth

-Emotional intelligence -Personal leadership

-Social entrepreneurship/making major impacts in society

-communication intelligence -Relationship issues

Who looks to Saksham?

Life Starters: who aren’t quite sure about their direction in life.

Passionless hard workers: who need great dose of motivation.

Misplaced Adventurers: who know what they want but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

Champions: who are beyond the normal level & achievement & looking to enhance their experience & belief out of life.

Saksham speaks, counsels & delivers his workshops for following:

Educational establishments
Corporate executives
Or Anyone who is looking to have a clear sense of direction in life & self-fulfillment.
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Art of Living Toastmasters international Tedx
Adaptability Result Focussed Ability to simplify complex issues Ability to employ a diverse knowledge base ranging from Politics Business History Spirituality NLP to the profound yet simple lessons of everyday life
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