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Mark M.  
A Consultant from Fortaleza, Brazil

A first-magnitude oil & energy sector deal-maker

Mark M. Brazil
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Mark's Consulting Portfolio

Business Strategy * 22 Years

Experienced strategist crafting culturally targeted plans for acquisition, start-up, and new market entry

* Leading M&A and investment advisory for a $500M portfolio of oil & gas and mid-market renewable energy projects in Brazil.

* Spearheading a $120M investment; planned and implemented a Venezuelan lubricant and fuels re-entry project; recruited and developed a team of over 150 staff creating a platform for Shell market leadership within 2 years.

* Led an international consortium in a $250M bid for integrated oil company assets across 6 countries in Central America.
„XCrafted a proposal to acquire a tactically advantageous LPG company valued at $100M.

* Seized $100M in diverse business development efforts such as turnaround strategies and country portfolio reviews.

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International Business and Trade * 37 Years

Seasoned globalist leveraging international expertise for competitive advantage in diverse geographies

* Engineering the market entry strategy for an integrated oil industry start-up in Angola; investment to exceed $250M.

* Led negotiations in an $80M Mexican downstream acquisition, building consensus and constructing win-win terms.

* Stucturing and establishment of an international crude and oil products trading business with transaction values of greater than $100M .

Coaching * 17 Years

Recognized leader and human capital developer optimizing individual and team output

* Recruited to mentor the cross-cultural China management team accountable for the second largest market for lubricants (gross margin $65M). Polished sales and marketing group¡¦s skill, imparting maturity and foresight to freshman team.

* Tasked to maximize consultant effectiveness as a key leader developing a portfolio of international initiatives; managed cross-functional teams of up to 25 members including external partners Accenture, McKinsey, BCG and CGEY.

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A professional Consultant, here ...
Mark M.'s Profile

A first-magnitude oil & energy sector deal-maker

Mark is an independent professional consultant and investment advisor, focused on the oil and renewable energy industry in the US, Latin America and Africa. He is based in Brazil and has an extensive international career in the downstream and midstream oil industry in marketing, sales, strategy consulting, and general management; spending 26 years with Shell International and reaching the level of Vice President of Regional Marketing based in the US.

He is experienced in leading new business development initiatives, business strategies, M&A initiatives, and managing new business start-ups. He is currently working a pipeline of over $500 million in oil & gas and renewable energy deals and has undertaken a number of market entry studies for international companies into the Brazilian market.

He has a good understanding of the business environment in which he operates and helps to build bridges between project developers and the global investment community, bringing together the necessary expertise and market knowledge critical for the success of the deal.

He has worked in the oil industry in Manufacturing, Supply and Trading, Lubricants, Commercial Fuels, Retail Fuels, Aviation Fuels, LPG, Marine, and Bitumen product segments. He also has worked extensively on biofuels projects, Gas & Power Marketing Strategy and in developing a Global Energy Services Business.

Mark has supported business growth in China, Latin America, North America, Africa, and the Middle East. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and French.
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Fortaleza, Brazil

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Chartered Engineer &#9688 Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Works effectively at all levels from overall strategy through planning and operations into implementation in the field Has an amiable and convincing commnication style and adaptability to different cultures He is hard working energetic and highly knowledgeable in business development and finance (M& A) as well as the energy markets
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