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Jessica S.  
A Consultant from Glasgow, United Kingdom

Stress Management Consultant and Trainer

Jessica S. United Kingdom
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Jessica's Consulting Portfolio

Stress Management * 22 Years

Stress Management Consultancy especially around stress risk management. Training for Managers and all staff within organisations.
Stress awareness and wellbeing
Stress Audits/Surveys
Stress Policies and guidance
HSE Stress risk assessments

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Wellness * 32 Years

Health and Wellbeing Training and Programme for the workplace
Nutrition and combating stress
Eating Well and Immune boosting Foods

Education and Training * 32 Years

Improve Wellbeing, Improves Performance
HSE Management Standards
HSE Risk Assessment process
Assertiveness and Confidence building
Train the Trainer Stress Awareness
Goal setting and Motivation
Performance Management

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A professional Consultant, here ...
Jessica S.'s Profile

Stress Management Consultant and Trainer

Jessica's aim is to offer high quality stress management services and programmes to help in preventing stress and improving wellbeing. As a Stress management specialist with the expertise to understand how stress is causing major issues within the workplace, and is now a big problem she is able to demonstrate to organisations the benefits of managing stress effectively. The benefits are a healthier workforce, reduced sickness/absence, reduced accidents and improved productivity.

She has experience in advising companies how to carry out Stress Risk Assessments and developing policies with the added support of training on how to manage stress at work. As well as being a Stress Management specialist, Jessica uses her medical knowledge and skills to deliver effective and relevant stress management training.

Jessica has developed a complete Stress Management Solution for organisations who aim to tackle and reduce stress within the workplace. She supports and guides senior management in relation to the key points of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Management Standards for tackling work-related Stress. Managing stress effectively will help to reduce costs and improve profits.

Jessica has worked in Libya and lived in Bahrain for over two years. She provides training to corporate, public and voluntary sectors as well as to small businesses.

Author of Stress Management for Carers published by chipmunkapublishing.

Member of International Stress Management Association, Royal Society for Public Health and Nursing and Midwifery Council.

She welcomes opportunities to help to prevent stress and improve wellbeing in the workplace with any organisation with a progressive and proactive approach to managing stress.

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Member of International Stress Management Association Member of Royals Society for Public Health Nursing and Midwifery Council
Stress Management for Carers
Confident articulate integrity willing to learn positive
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