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Pierre F.  
A Consultant from Geneva, Switzerland

Multicultural Senior-Banker with Broad Management Experience

Pierre F. Switzerland
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Pierre's Consulting Portfolio

Finance, Financial tools * 32 Years

Worked in the banking industry at the highest management level including general management & CEO of Switzerland's 4th largest bank, a universal bank. Experience in the key areas of banking: Trading, investment banking, Asset management, Alternative Assets, Risk management, Credit, Asset & Liability Management.

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Business Strategy * 22 Years

Has extensive experience of the Strategic Planning process, of developing strategies and of business development. Has done so at the top level of several banking and finance institutes.

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Risk Management * 22 Years

Risk Management expertise and experience in the key areas of banking. Knowledge of Regulatory Environment and experience in working with regulatory authorities

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A professional Consultant, here ...
Pierre F.'s Profile

Multicultural Senior-Banker with Broad Management Experience

Pierre, started his financial services career in career in 1985 as a broker at Compagnie Financière Tradition before leaving to set up his own specialised arbitrage software boutique. He returned to the banking industry in 1993, joining UBS first to implement risk management systems and then moving on to being a trader. In 1998 Pierre moved to Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) as a member of general management and head of their trading division before becoming CEO in 2001.

In 2003 Pierre moved to Banque Safdié as a Member of the Executive Committee being responsible for strategic planning as well as treasury, credits and trading. In 2006 Pierre returned to Compagnie Financière Tradition as Group Head of Auditing, Compliance and Risk Management. Most recently he returned to Banque Safdié as CEO to oversee its turn-around that culminated in its sale to Bank Leumi.

Pierre left Banque Safdié in early 2012 when the two banks merged and since has established himself as an independent consultant.

Held senior roles in General Management including CEO of a universal bank and CEO of a private bank.

Board of Directors:
As a member of General Management, experienced in working with Board of Directors and Shareholders. Member of numerous Boards in diverse areas.

Broad Technical Know-How: Hands-on experience and management roles in most of the key areas of banking and finance. Extensive knowledge of the latest techniques and instruments used.

Risk Management:
Expertise and experience in RM methodology in the key areas of banking.

Regulatory Environment:
Knowledge of Regulatory Environment and experience in working with regulatory authorities.

Project Management:
Experience in managing major projects. Well versed in IT.

Experience in creating and managing the Strategic Planning and Budget process.

Results & Profit Oriented. Success in creating and developing business lines. Success in building professional and highly motivated teams. Founding member of two companies.

Public relations:
Extensive experience in communication (shareholders meetings, press conferences, presentation to investors and analysts).

Crisis Management:
Managed many of the challenges and crisis’s facing banks today including recapitalization, restructuring, and mergers.
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