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Dr. shireen K.  
A Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Business, Medical & Scientific Trainer

Dr. shireen K. United Arab Emirates
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Dr. shireen's Training Portfolio

Ethics * 33 Years

Offers programmes that encourages doctors from all specialties and fields to encourage ethical behavior not only with patients, but also amongst doctors themselves.

* Doctor patient interaction
* Doctor- doctor interaction
* Ethical communication
* Speaking with patients relatives when imparting bad news
* Human rights and ethics concerning patients

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Health and Safety * 22 Years

Clinical trials are undertaken in both hospital and general practice centres all over the world. Patients receiving new drugs need to be enrolled in trials that are undertaken in the highest standards in order to obtain valid and reproducible data.

Offers seminars and courses on GCP (Good Clinical Practices) which may be defined as a standard by which clinical trials are designed, implemented & reported so there is public assurance that the data are credible, and the rights, integrity & confidentiality of subjects are protected.

Biotech and Pharmaceuticals * 22 Years

Offers training that focuses and is designed to improve selling skills and motivate pharmaceutical sales professionals to continuously improve. The program covers the fundamentals of sales and motivational training, and mixes it with sound, time tested common sense.

The training objectives are to increase sales, achievement of personal goals, growth as a person and excellence in your marketplace.

A professional Trainer, here ...
Dr. shireen K.'s Profile

Business, Medical & Scientific Trainer

Based on my education as a doctor, speciality in Pediatrics and being trained in many fields at PfizerI have a vast repertoire in business and medical training programs,

Though the basis of every training is the same, each one os "tailor made" to fit the requirements of the trainees, their education level & conprehension of the subject.

Though I have a vast repertoire, I have fined tuned certain training programs which include:

1. EQ vs IQ in a business setting

2. Basic Life Sciences for Children and Adults

3. Communication skills
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Compact and to the point
Dr. shireen's Milestones

Training Experience / Worked In
Memberships, Awards, Certifications
Pakistan Pediatric Association Emirates Medical Association Member American Association of Pediatrics Member Pakistan Pharmaceutical physicians Child Rights & Child Abuse Committee German Women's Club Karachi
Illustrated Handbook of Growth & Development 0-5 years (2nd edition is underway) This has been used as a text book Following scientific papers published: i Fluconazole 150mg once a week in Taenia corporis cruris pedis and dermal candidiasis (Pakistan Medical Journal) ii Fluconazole 50mg once a day in cases with oropharyngeal candidiasis (Pakistan Medical Journal) iii Azithromycin in pediatric infections (ICMASK Poster presentation book at Barcelona Spain 1998) iv Sultamicillin in pediatric infections (Pakistan Medical Journal) v Comparative study of Fluconazole & Amphotericin-B in patients with febrile neutropenia (American Journal of Oncology) vi Azithromycin in pediatric infections (Pakistan Pediatric Journal) vii Azithromycin in pediatric infections (Medical Channel) viii Azithromycin in Lower Respiratory Tract Infections (Pak Pediatric Journal) ix Sultamicillin in Pediatric infections (Pakistan Medical Journal) x Single dose fluconazole 150mg in Vaginal Candidiasis (Med Channel) xi Use of Cefoperazone in Surgical Infections (Medical Channel) xii Oral fluconazole 50mg a day for the treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis (Medical Channel) xiii Fluconazole 50mg daily in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor (Med Channel) xiv Fluconazole 300mg once a week in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor (Journal of Dermatological treatment UK) xv Proper self examination for breast cancer (Spectrum) Regularly write articles in major newspapers and magazines in Pakistan & UAE The main topics are usually child health & child abuse Chief Editor and layout designer of the ?Pfizer Communiqu?? This was the company newsletter
I am a good speaker and very competent in creating presentations and training programs especially for the person who needs to be trained
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Pakistan   Pakistan
Writing reading learning new computer skills
Travel Restrictions
I won the Dhanak award for excellence for my work in th Earthquake zone. References from Dubai can also be made available if required. Many training programs still have not been mentioned due to lack of space
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