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Sid R.  
A Trainer from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Canada's top Organizational Development Speaker, Trainer

Sid R. Canada
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Sid's Training Portfolio

Leadership * 32 Years

Senior executive experience (profit and loss responsibility). Adjunct professor for the Schulich School of Business (York Univeristy) Canada's largest executive development organization --- topic: Leadership

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Management * 32 Years

Proven workplace performance, including the deliver of a $254 mil project on time and on budget. Taught Organizational Development at Wilfrid Laurier University

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Customer Care, Service * 32 Years

Strong retail background, developed programs for major Canadian retailers that get results.

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A professional Trainer, here ...
Sid R.'s Profile

Canada's top Organizational Development Speaker, Trainer

Sid, MBA, CSP, provides insights, guidance and practical tips and hints to leaders at all levels in their pursuit of creating great places to work by simultaneously improving employee and customer satisfaction.

Sid has developed a strong reputation for being both strategic and pragmatic with respect to customer satisfaction, sales, people development, leadership development and in leading change in organizations.

As a leading edge speaker, consultant and trainer, he has developed a strong reputation for being both a strategist and pragmatist as it relates to Customer Satisfaction, Sales, People Development, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Leading Change and Culture shift in organizations.

He has earned his management and speaking expertise through:

• Executive management responsibilities in retail and software development fields
* 10 years of experience with Wilfrid Laurier University facilitating courses in organizational behaviour, training & development and interpersonal communications
* adjunct executive development professor for: York University (Schulich Executive Education Centre) and the University of Winnipeg
* establishing the Summit Awards for Service Excellence for the Healthcare Service Excellence Association
* conducting customer and employee surveys
* 20+ years providing clients with customized programs that get results.

Sid is the 2007 President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). His personal mission is to “help people focus their energy into growing their business and its people, and themselves”.

Sid is a master trainer and consultant in Insight instrumentation and HS diagnostics and instruments. He is an adjunct professor for York University’s Schulich School of Business, University of Winnipeg and previously with Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy.

Sid’s clients include:

Sunoco, RasGas, Hydro Ottawa, Horizon Utilities, Ontario Electrical League, Ontario Energy Network, Philips, The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, Niagara Health System, Addiction and Mental Health Centre, Sutter Health (US), York Region, Siemens Canada, ChinaLife, Beijing TV, Zellers, Holt Renfrew and many more.
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Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

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Canadian Society for Training & Development Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
Dialogue Magazine Speaking of Impact Magazine Electrical Business
Understand the needs of the Adult learner pragmatic interactive style
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