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Les B.  
A Trainer from Johannesberg, South Africa

Project Management Expert

Les B. South Africa
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Les's Training Portfolio

Education and Training * 34 Years

Ability to assist learners in a variety of subjects and environments

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Team Building * 34 Years

Leading teams successfully in business, sport and church environments.

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Communication * 34 Years

Able to take complex and involved topics and break them down to the essentials in a simple way to optimise the learning processes

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A professional Trainer, here ...
Les B.'s Profile

Project Management Expert

This facilitator has been involved in people development for over thirty years.

He started his career as a teacher, spent time with a power utility and then on into the Information Technology industry.

He came to Africa in 1965 and was a lecturer in Teacher Training Colleges in Zambia and Swaziland for a period of three years in each country.

In March 1999, he retired from the position of Training and Development Manager at IBM (South Africa) after 12 years in that position. He was responsible for the learning process for all the company employees.

His experience covers a large range including classroom facilitation, computer-based education, technical training and most aspects of personal development.

He has travelled frequently to Europe and America and has presented courses in those places for international audiences.

He has facilitated a wide range of courses including Management, Leadership, Project Management, Team Building, Sales Training and Interpersonal and Life Skills.

He was a freelance training consultant for four years formed a Training company in 2002.

This facilitator has been involved in Project Management for 15 years. He has been a Project Manager for several big projects and has been presenting training courses in Project Management for 12 years. He has presented Project Management courses for clients such as IBM, Standard Bank, African Explosives Limited, Sanlam, Hewlett-Packard and TNT.

He is currently responsible for presenting the whole range of IBM Project Management courses from the basics to PMI Examination Preparation.

He is currently applying for CAPM Membership of the PMI.

He has also been involved with Education and was one of the founder members of the King?s School in Robin Hills for several years. He later served as Chairman of the Board of Governors for three years.

In addition to his training activities, he is actively involved in helping the poor and needy living in informal settlements around the Gauteng area ? thus illustrating that his life style is given to the development of as diverse a range of people as possible.
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Johannesberg, South Africa

Compact and to the point
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Applied for CAPM qualification of Project Management Institute
Mostly articles for local newspapers referring to training in the Computer environment and skills development in general
A Love of growing and developing people
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South Africa   South Africa
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United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Involved in church work in helping poor and needy communities Leadership courses for previously disadvantaged groups in South Africa Member of a Health Club (attend +/- 5 times a week) Chairman of Trustees of Complex
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COURSES PRESENTED IN THE LAST 10 YEARS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ? Time Management, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Personality Styles, Project Management and Negotiation Skills. SELLING SKILLS ? Basic Selling Skills, Solution Selling, IBM Pre-Sales School, IBM Sales School, SPIN Selling Techniques, Account Strategy Selling and Sales Management. MANAGEMENT/LEADERSHIP ? Team Development, Management Competencies, Managing in a High Performance Environment, Change Management, Leadership Assessment Centres, and Management/ Supervisory courses.
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