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Radhakrishnan T.  
A Trainer from Chennai, India

Expert on Transactional Analysis and NLP

Radhakrishnan T. India
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Radhakrishnan's Training Portfolio

Engineering * 27 Years

Project/ Production/ Materials planning & Control; Industrial Engineering - Labour Negotiation, Shop floor Management

Marketing - Specialised * 15 Years

Market Research, Marketing Systems, Marketing Coordination

Human Resources * 23 Years

Facilitation Skills, Self/ Team/ Organisation development workshops

Psychotherapy for personality change at root level.
Couples/ Family workshops

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Radhakrishnan T.'s Profile

Expert on Transactional Analysis and NLP

This facilitator is a Ph.D., PTSTA. A Certified/ Training Member of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), USA; as a PTSTA (Provisional Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst) in the field of Clinical/ Psychotherapy. He is currently in contract with ITAA; with experts from Australia as his mentors for TSTA-Psychotherapy and CTA-Organisational. He is a Doctorate from the International University, Washington, USA in application of TA for OD.

In addition, he is, a Licensed ?Advanced NLP Practitioner? from the Society of NLP; USA, & Dr. Dick Mc Hugh; USA. Further, he is a ?Certified HRD Facilitator? from the Academy of HRD; and a BHP (ISABS- Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences) in Basic Human Processing & Development of Individuals & Groups.

Prior to these, he has a Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering from NITIE; Bombay; a degree in Mechanical Engineering from BHU; Varanasi, India & a Diploma in German Language from BHU.

He has training in Yoga, Hypnosis, Meditation & Stress Management etc. as a practitioner, from the Vivekananda Yoga Research Centre, Bangalore.

Over 34 years experience in serving/consulting with leading organisations in the areas of HRD, Organisational Performance Development, Organisational Change Processes, Development of Functional Systems, Systems/Process Orientation, Industrial/ Operations Management, Education Management, Personality Development, Performance Enhancement, Counselling/ Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups & Organisations.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive of a reputed company specialised in HRD/ TQM/ BPR . He is a Founder Trustee of the POORNAM - Facilitating Effortless Social Transformation & the current president of the TA Study Circle, Madras and member of various other professional & social organizations.

He serves as a Consulting Psychotherapist at the psychiatry department of Raju Hospital, Chennai; with Dr. S Vijayakumar, a well known psychiatrist

He is a member of FOP (Friend Of Police), an organisation devoted to bringing police & people together. He trains them both in facilitating Community Policing. He chairs the Police-People-Interaction wing of it.
He has Presented several papers in: ILO, TN Government Labour Development Department., International Conferences of ICTA/ ITAA-USA, NIQR, NPC, Jaycees, PRSI, Vivekanand Kendra Yogaas etc..
Based on his years of experience of working with people, he has developed many original concepts & workshops. Currently, he is condensing these in the form of a book. This will be an exploration into human processes of birth, growth, development, personality, motivation, interaction, success, and HAPPINESS.
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Chennai, India

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ITAA - International Transactional Analysis Association USA ICTA - Institute for Counselling & TA India TASC - Transactional Analysis Study Circle Chennai ISTD - Indian Society of Training Development MMA - Madras Management Association IIIE - Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering FOP - Friends of Police
Unique combination of experience in the trio of (Material + Systemic + Mental) fields in the form of Engineering Management and TA-NLP-Psychology extending to spirituality as necessary Group/ Individual Process Orientation Ability to integrate various sciences into unified concepts / practices - such as Science Art Management HRD Industrial Engineering TA NLP & Vedanta etc with a sense of Overall Inclusivity Especially interested in (when it comes to conducting workshops) a Debriefing games / instruments b Dealing with question and answers sessions c Intuitive capacity to help people to identify their own patterns of thinking / feeling /acting d Generating interaction among participants Belief in " Results Through Processes"
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? Researching with parallels between Transactional Analysis and Indian Philosophy of Vedanta; and presented several papers.. ? Developing my own concept Of Awareness Quality a unique way of using the knowledge of Transactional Analysis, NLP & Indian Philosophy ? Combining the knowledge gained from all these Sciences / Experience into a book
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